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Monday, January 4, 2010

Changing Blog Location and name!

As I welcome in this New Year of 2010, I am celebrating by changing the name and location of my blog from The Happiness Zone to

Please join me there for inspiration, happiness tips and cutting edge information on how to change your mindset to create extraordinary possibilities in your life.

Lenora Boyle

Monday, November 23, 2009

National Day of Listening

Have you ever noticed that many people find it hard to listen?  They are waiting to take their turn to talk, or some can't wait, so they jump right in to tell you what's on their minds.  Or better yet, they share how their problems are worse than yours.  But this Friday, we all get a chance to listen and record a conversation.

StoryCorps invites you to participate in this year's National Day of Listening, on Friday, November 27, 2009. On this day, StoryCorps encourages all Americans to set aside one hour to record a conversation with a grandparent, an aunt, a neighbor, a veteran, or a client at a local soup kitchen and ask the big questions, such as,
"How do you want to be remembered?" or, "What was the proudest moment of your life?"

National Day of Listening interviews can be conducted without spending any money, using recording equipment that is readily available in most homes—from cell phones and computers to tape recorders or even pen and paper.

Visit to take the pledge to participate, to download a Do-It-Yourself Instruction Guide, and to share your National Day of Listening experience.

Their purpose is for all of us to create a more caring nation, just through the simple act of listening.  

If  you don't have time on November 27, make another date and talk to that special someone to record his or her story.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Change Your Behavior by Having Fun

This youtube video is so inspiring! The folks at Volkswagon believe that the easiest way to change people's behavior for the better is by making tasks fun to do. Simply called The fun theory

Do you have an idea that uses fun to help change behaviour?  Volkswagon invites you to easily enter the contest.

Just find your own evidence for the theory that fun is the best way to change behavior for the better--for yourself, the environment or something else. Then email Volkswagon.  The contest ends December 15. 

Having Fun Makes Learning Easier

In an article by Daniel R. Hawes, November 3, 2009 on the Psychology Today Blog, he wrote that all positive emotions have one thing in common:  “They broaden one’s perspective and motivate one to do things that will build skills or resources for the future.”

When you're having fun, you're at least more inspired to naturally change your behavior.  What the Volkswagon piano steps experiment found was that 66% of the people changed their behavior by taking the fun stairs instead of the escalator that was right next to it.

When I was in Verona, Italy this past September studying Italian whenever we played word games, the feeling dramatically changed in the room, even though we were adults over 19 years of age (some of us far beyond 19!). It was as though the synapses in our brains were rapidly firing, our hearts expanding as we laughed and banned together trying to find the matches for adjectives with opposite meanings. 

 With our flashcards, we’d find the words as quickly as we could use our dictionaries, or remember definitions. We’d connect the cards to create a circle on the table with the adjectives (aggettivi). To make the game even more fun, the class was divided into two teams competing to finish first.  It wasn’t as though we were going to win any award, but the game made us forget about the struggles we were having learning to speak a foreign language.

This month I’ve heard several clients and friends mention that they haven’t taken enough time to have fun. One friend said that when she works, she’s just nose to the grindstone and forgets to have any fun, because she’s so worried about money all the time.

 Have you forgotten to have more fun in your life?  Even if you’re not concerned about changing your behaviour, doesn’t it just feel better to take time out each day to play?  How could you even make your work more fun?







Friday, November 20, 2009

Inspiration: Hire the Heavens

Hiring the Heavens by Jean Slatter.  This is a small but powerful book that teaches you how to simplify your life by hiring heavenly helpers to support you and your dreams.

As Jean Slatter states, "Spiritual helpers stand ready and willing to be hired in the cocreative expression of our divinity." You may have your own way of connecting to the divine but I find 'hiring the heavens' very effective for employing divine assistance to invite miracles into your life. 
Do you ever find yourself wishing you could hire employees  to do some of the work that you can't humanly get to?  So, now, you can 'employ' divine assistance. Imagine there is a team of specialists that have talents and skills galore. They are also happy to help. Life will be less of a struggle too!Here are the 7 steps
1.) Name Your Committee. Take out a piece of paper and write the title of your spiritual committee on top.  For example, Perfect Job Committee.

2.) Define your mission statement. Describe why you're pulling this spiritual committee together. List our goals, and requirements.  "My perfect Job Committee will assist me in finding the job that...."

3.) List the Specialists You Wish to Hire. As Jean Slatter points out, "Start listing all the particular experts and attributes you'd like to include in your committee.  Your heavenly help will be standing over your shoulder providing inspiration and arranging the circumstances in magical ways.  You can even hire a prompter just to help you think of all the members you'll need to hire for this committee."

4.) Make a Task List.  Write the task list for your newly hired committee.  This is a detailed list that you can amend at any time. It's a great way to keep track of your progress.

5.) Launch Your Committee.  Launch with some sort of ceremony. Not required, but can make it more fun, like lighting a candle.

6.) Hold Staff Meetings.  Do this frequently. You may want to meet throughout the day or just when you feel the need. Meet at least once a day to stay clear on intention and keep a a close relationship with Spirit.  Talk to your group just as you would with an 'earthly staff.'

7.) Celebrate Your Successes. Be sure to say thank you. Celebration gratitude is their only form of payback for their hard work and attention on you.

Just be open, aware, and listen for what your spiritual workforce is trying to tell you. You will find more happiness in your life each and every day.

This little book has helped me to connect to Spirit in a more practical way than prayer has, even though I like to pray. You can do both. Usually I have a vague sense of what my committees look like and how many on each committee.

Last week, one of my clients in college was in a panic about a difficult term paper he had to write.  I finally told him about hiring the heavens and he laughed at me, but since he was desperate, he hired a committee that included a great writer, someone into psychology, a 'brainy' person, and an organized person.  He was shocked that within an hour he started writing with ease after a week of writers block.  Then the next day,he  found an amazing tutor at his college, with a doctorate degree who really helped him understand how to write.

How do you stay connected to the divine? What are your results?